Thursday, 11 February 2010

Home Office Commissions 'Alcohol Attitudes' Survey

How do I know? I was telephoned while in the midst of serious broadcasting research last night (watching a repeat of Doctor Who), by somebody from Continental Research. Would I mind answering some questions? Not at all, I said, fire away.

The survey points up all of the current hot-button topics: supermarket and off-trade pricing; crime and anti-social behaviour; health. They asked a range of questions on minimum pricing, the most interesting being, what did I think should happen to the extra revenue raised from such a move. They were also interested in awareness of any initiatives in England on minimum pricing.

Interestingly, they asked whether I thought the media had sensationalised its reporting of alcohol-related news. I replied that I thought there were sometimes some problems with the data they were given to report.

I rang Continental Research this morning to find out more about the survey. It was only recently commissioned, and they are asking 1,200 randomly-selected people. Right now, they say, their client is not looking to develop the findings into a second stage, so I'll be watching to see when they are published.

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