Saturday, 20 February 2010

Badger Sett To Unveil 'Celebrity' Beer Bloggers

Badger Sett is Hall & Woodhouse's Beer Club. You need a secret password to join. I could tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.

Anyway, they have written out to the Membership to tell them about their enlistment of 'Celebrity' Beer Bloggers. No names to spare embarrassment, but if your initials are Melissa Cole, Zak Avery, Adrian Tierney-Jones, Tim Hampson and jewel in the crown Pete Brown, then Badger are expecting you to
...bring insightful and amusing anecdotes from the world of beer.
I'm sure all concerned will be up for the challenge.

Badger have asked for suggestions for future celebrity invitees. I'm sure I don't know what one of those looks like - this 'Jordan' person seems to be the benchmark, sort of hard-eyed and soft-breasted (like former Newcastle striker Micky Adams). Aside from the obvious omission from their list (Young Dredge, who I'm sure could bring a "bitchin' bash-up" approach to their presentation) I'm going to propose Cooking Lager. I know he stops by here so, Cookie, it's for your own good. Celebrity beckons, it's your destiny, and I'd love to read your insightful and amusing anecdotes.

Let's have at it!


Mark Dredge said...

I can reveal... Young Dredge will be involved at some point.

Cooking Lager said...

I'd rather cut off my own cock and fry it with red onions, garlic and root ginger.

Unless there is some free grog involved. Then I'm up for it thank you very much.

Sid Boggle said...

That's the spirit Cookie...

Unknown said...

Hello Sid,

Thanks for your thoughts – we never saw them as ‘celebrities’ but I’m sure our guest bloggers will be delighted by your ‘moniker’, and we’d love Cookie to blog, how about a Rifle Box of Badger ales to go with the red onions, garlic and root ginger?

Cheers -


Sid Boggle said...

Hi James, 'celebrity' was the word used in the email I got, so I just followed The Badger's lead, and who's to say they aren't? ;-)

That Adrian Tierney-Jones was drinking Belgian beer in The Rake yesterday...

Unknown said...

I'll have to have a word with the Badger!

I think I saw Zak Avery buying some Wotsists in Superdrug……..

Maybe we should start a 'spotted' column on our Ale Club!