Sunday, 13 February 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along?!

It seems a few people were upset by my treatment of the main beer fanboy ticker websites in my previous post. Seems I was very harsh on RB and BA in blasting the latest antics Stateside. Of course, this was never my intention, and I therefore pledge in future to be more scrupulous about apportioning responsibility for the behaviour of spoogebeerian collectives who take extreme measures to tick the rarest beers. In fact, let me introduce you to my new best friend...
I'm sure we'll get on famously. This came off RateBeer, so clearly some of those members can happily laugh at themselves (or their less well-adjusted brethren).

While collectives of beer lovers are under the microscope, let me introduce you to Kevin The CAMRA member, courtesy of Summerwine Brewing's head man James...You can read all about Kevin here. Word is a commemorative tee shirt may be printed in Kevin's honour...

Group hug, anybody..?

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