Sunday, 27 June 2010

England: It's The Players, Stupid!

Some of the weekend sports pages were busy touching up the bullseye on Fabio Capello's back, in case England didn't surge to victory today. Andy Dunn in today's News Of The World opined that we needed an English coach next time, as the qualities England showed in their thrashing of football world power Slovenia were not gained through coaching, but instead came from their lion hearts, their pride, their English spirit.

What Dunn and his ilk overlook is that we've had coaches English and foreign, and none of them can get these prima donnas to perform in an England shirt. I can't wait to see how this latest gutless effort is explained away. And when they've done that, perhaps the sports writers will publish an apology to former manager Steve McLaren, who apparently failed abjectly with our "Golden Generation", but seems to be doing well with professional footballers in Europe.

In the meantime, here's a tip for the FA, our esteemed football writers and other media who can't keep a sense of proportion when it comes to the national side. Next time you need a team pic, just use this image:

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