Thursday, 1 April 2010

Greene King, BrewDog, To Collaborate!

Suffolk brewing giant Greene King have announced an exploratory brewing collaboration with wacky Scottish new kid on the block, BrewDog.

James Watt, in naming GK CE Rooney Anand "Honorary Emperor Penguin", said he was thrilled to be able to engage in a new project with the often-derided PLC. When asked how 'punk' this was, he drew comparisons to the legendary boy band, The Sex Pistols, comparing himself to charismatic singer John "Johnny" Rotten, while Mr. Anand was band manager Malcolm McLaren.

Is THIS Rooney Anand?

Mr Anand, dressed as the now-familiar zany penguin,momentarily removed his head to express his delight at the link-up. He said the first beer the brewers would work together on was 'Firpool Ale', a 15% gooseberry ale, aged in thousand-year old port casks recovered from a shipwreck, and then re-seeded with brett, laid down for two years and taken on the Mersey Ferry to replicate sea conditions somewhere.


Cooking Lager said...

you've gotta post it before noon on the 1st of the 4th Sid.

Sid Boggle said...

Post what? It's breaking news!