Sunday, 20 December 2009

Beer Review Of The Year

I see that much of the blogosphere has moved on from the (somewhat introspective, I felt) analysis of the BGBW Awards and reviewed the year in beer. I'm new to this, but thought I'd do the same, only with a twist. MY review is for 2010!

Yes, I've enlisted the services of Mystic Bog to peer deeply into the mysterious Scrying Pool Of Ale, which some say is a blend of all known vintages of Thomas Hardy Ale, and come up with some prognostications. Read on, be amazed and remember, you read it here first!

A Man of Dean, The Rainbow Man
With Great Belly Empty
And Appetite Ravenous
Will Hunger Sate & Thirst Slake
At The Crowing Hour In London's Rake

Ooh, impenetrable stuff, but we know to watch out for something food-related happening at London's best beer bar, The Rake...

A quick slurp, and Mystic Bog slips into another trance...

Beware! O Brewer
At Bridge Of Earth
For The Chubby Man With White Round Eye
Seekes For Himself 'No-Win, No-Fee'

I researched this one, and I think it means that the boys from Otley Brewing can expect a writ for breach of image rights from zany 'League Of Gentlemen' character Papa Lazarou.

Hmm, I think I can see Bog's point...

That's it for now. We pay a price each time we peer beyond the veil. A filthy hangover, usually...


rabidbarfly said...

Food related eh? I doubt very much whether any breakfast would contain food at The Rake...unless it's a bacon roll from Northfield Farm

Sid Boggle said...

What can I tell you, a message conveyed from the Other Side, the Moving Finger Writes, the Cosmic Veil rent asunder...

Never say never.